We are #1!

WalletHub recently ranked Massachusetts as having the #1 public school system in the country. While we may be #1, many parents find that there is a lot missing in their local public school system.

We have parents coming to us from some of the “best” public school systems in the state: Wellesley, Weston, Newton, Brookline, Lexington, Westwood, etc., seeking to place their children in private schools. They believe that the academics, sports, art programs, college counseling, and support services (like mentoring and advisory) are far superior in private school than in most public schools. All private schools are not created equal, and some are better than others in certain areas.

If you are looking at private school placement for your child, we can help. We are embarking on our 18th year of placing students at private and exam schools, and we are experts in this process. Please contact us to see how we can help you and your child with placement in a new school in the fall of 2021.