What’s your rush?

This is an interesting time of year for us. Students coming to us in the summer to prepare for private school entrance exams in the fall/winter are getting a late start on test prep. Our program is generally a 12 month process. Students need time to absorb the material and master new skills.

Many parents are shocked when they realize they are late and not early in the process. The good news is if the student is applying to a school that admits in multiple grades (typically 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th – depending on the school) and they are not at the very end of the cycle (in 8th grade for a school that admits in 9th grade), then they have some time.

It always amazes me when parents see the diagnostic test results and they see how much work their child needs to do, and they still consider applying this year, instead of waiting and applying the next year. Rushing to prepare a student who is behind in the process rarely works. The student invariably gets stressed, and they do not perform well on the test. The results are not good, and the parent has shot themselves in the foot for subsequent applications.

It is always better to be prepared and put the best tests scores and application possible in front of the school!

There is no need to rush if you have the luxury of time. Step back and realistically assess the situation. Think about the consequences of a rushed preparation process. Not only will the outcome not likely be what you want, but you will put you and your child through a lot of unnecessary angst. A child who works hard, but is at a disadvantage from the start will feel very disappointed when they have nothing to show for their efforts.

I have had many a student reduced to tears when they tell me that they did not get in anywhere the first time they applied, because they were not properly prepared. These students are demoralized, and they take the rejections from the schools very personally. It is really a hit to their self esteem when they feel like they were not good enough for any of the schools they applied to for admission. It is heartbreaking to hear these stories, because I know that it does not have to be this way.

Parents needs to be realistic about what it takes to gain admission to private schools, and they need to make sure their child is well prepared for this undertaking.  When the process is rushed it benefits no one. Time, money, energy and effort are wasted in pursuing a goal that is not realistic.

Learn from the mistakes of others before you, and slow down, step back, and take your time. It will pay off in the end!

Anne Yount

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