A Tale of Two Applicants

Applicant one:

  • Starts preparing for the entrance exams a few months ahead of time and is overwhelmed by the advanced math, vocabulary and reading comprehension on the test.
  • Does not spend much time researching the school(s) they are applying to for admission, and only knows that they are “good schools” because someone told them so.
  • Is not sure what questions will be asked at the interview and is not prepared for some of the questions asked at the interview.
  • Does not spend a lot of time working on the application questions and essays, and provides very generic answers.

Applicant two:

  • Starts preparing for the entrance exam 9-12 months prior to the test and builds skills in math, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing. This applicant also learns the tricks of the test and how to avoid these pitfalls. Applicant two learns many strategies for how to tackle different question types and practices these techniques until they are second nature. This student goes into the test confident and prepared.
  • Researches the schools in depth and learns about the classes offered, sports programs, and clubs at the school. This applicant researches the history of the school, what makes the school special, the types of students who attend the school and the school philosophy. With this knowledge, the applicant can begin to see where they fit in this school and what interests them about the school.
  • Practices for the interview and knows what types of questions will be asked. The applicant is ready with answers to the most common questions asked at the interview. They are ready to demonstrate what they know about the school, why they want to attend the school, and they can articulate why they are a good fit for the school. They have also researched the school and prepared some questions to ask at the interview that shows they have a good understanding of the school and how it operates.
  • Spends a good amount of time answering the questions on the application and crafting thoughtful essays that illustrate why the student is a good fit for the school, and explaining how they will contribute to making the school community a better place.

Which applicant do you think is more likely to be offered admission to the schools of their choice?

Students who work with us to prepare for the test, and work with Ms. Anne on admission consulting stand out in the admissions process. Admission directors often comment on how impressed they were with our applicants. As we always say: “The better prepared, the better the outcome.”

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